Fly Name: "Lee's Ale Egg"
Tyer:          Lee Novotny
Recipe:     Tiemco 2457 Size 6-16
                    UTC Ultra Thread
                    3-8 MM plastic bead
                    Copper Wire Matched Color


Fly Name: "Lee's Tung Water Boatman" Corixa 
Tyer:            Lee Novotny
Recipe:       Tiemco 2457 Size 6-14
                      Thread 6/0 to 8/0 (matched color) 
                      Tungsten Bead (complimentary color)
                      Polar Chenille (matched color)
                      Foam Sheet (cut to fit)
                      Ultra Chenille (complimentary color for oars)
                      Sharpie for shell design
                      Hard as Nails (clear coat)


Fly Name: "Lee's Scrambled Eggs"
Tyer:           Lee Novotny
Recipe:      Tiemco 2457 Size 8-16
                     3-6 MM plastic beads
                     Monofilament 6 or 8 lb (for attaching beads)
                     Polar Chenille Matched Color 


Fly Name: "Lee's Tung Lady Bug" Coccinellidae 
Tyer:              Lee Novotny
Recipe:        Tiemco 2457 Size 10-16
                       Thread 6/0 to 8/0 (matched color)
                       Tungsten Bead (Red or Nickel)
                        Black  Polar Chenille
                        Red Foam Sheet (cut to fit)
                        Black Sharpie for shell design
                        Hard as Nails (clear coat)


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