TheFishFly is a website formed by and for Flyfishermen.  As with all things in life, fly fishing is an acquired skill, that takes years and years to perfect.  The learning process is constant and ever changing.  The goal at Fish Fly is to promote the sport in manner that is consistent with good ethics, with an open mind to trying new techniques, and the goal of networking with experts throughout the country while fishing their home waters.  Our goal is comraderie and success while Fly fishing.  As friends we have worked to make our own experiences better and hope that yours will be the same.  Most of all have fun, be open-minded, and be safe while on the water.  Remember it's just fishing, it's not life changing!  Be passionate but respectful and take it all in, that is why we do it! 
 Lee Novotny-Webmaster
 Captain Bruce Smith-Fly Fish & Offshore Extraordinaire
Vance Haug- Our Back Country Fly Fishing Legal Expert  
Jay Jones- The Humblefisherman Witcher of Bull Trout
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"now go away or we shall taunt you a second time"
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